The goal of every business person online is to have many clients who purchase their products. Having no one visiting your site can be frustrating and demoralizing at the same time. It is even worse to have customers visiting your page and dropping out in between the process while your hopes are all high.


The SEO may help you increase the number of qualified traffic to your site, but may not reach the ultimate goal which is to grow sales through organic search. Conversion through SEO is the gate through to a successful online business. Read on to learn how to improve conversion through SEO. Analysing this kind of data can be hard and you may need help. We’ve teamed up with Jump Online to write this article, so you can contact them using the link below if you need any help with the details spoken about within this article:

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Ensure you provide the right information for your site

It is important to make sure that the content on your site is relevant and similar to what your clients are looking for at all stages. Serving your users with what they need at the moment, may it be a research about something, something they’re thinking of doing or purchase they want to make will improve your conversion rates.


Analyze the customer behavior

Why are your clients not converting? Is the question everyone in online business keeps asking themselves? How do you get the right answer? By taking time in analyzing your customer’s behavior. The first solution to a problem is understanding why the problem exists in the first place.


Mark the drop out the point of your clients

Numbers don’t lie, analyze the shopping of your customers and recognize the dropping point of your customers. What discourages their clients from completing the sales? It may shock you to realize that majority of your clients drop out at a similar point. Some of the causes of dropping out may include;

• Consumers may be finding it difficult to negotiate through your site.

• Your page may be loading so slowly or not qualify as mobile friendly

• Your content may not be meeting the needs of your clients.

If this is your state, consider taking a closer look at your website content and strategy and make the necessary changes.


Conduct surveys

It is important to get to your clients and get their point of view on your delivery of services. The feedback from this survey is a big boost as it is a summary of what your clients’ expectations are.


Final Verdict

SEO and Conversion optimization are closely related. The Focus of SEO should be on increasing conversions by delivering qualified traffic to the clients’ website.

To achieve this, we need to ensure that the clients get the content they need at all stages.

Lastly, we should work closely with the analytics team and understand why users are not converting and make the customers.